There are a number of professions in World of Warcraft that your character can learn and one popular and real profitable profession is skinning. I consider it one of the best Professions if you want to make gold early in the game. Yes, it can be time consuming, but if you get it right and know what you are doing, then you can begin to accumulate large amounts of gold early on.

Since the skinning profession be prepared to spend a lot of time out on the field and keep in mind that you will be gathering lots of skins and leather, So the first thing you need to do is invest a small amount of time or gold getting some large bags, since a small bag will not be able to carry enough items. Let’s go over that for a second. As a skinner you will hunt animals and monsters , that takes time, especially at the lower levels, once you get a good skin or hide, then you usually have to create leather by using Leatherworking recipes. As you will be out and about on the field for a long periods of time you will also need to take the essential items with you such as food , water and also potions that you might need. So keep those bags clear.

There are two main benefits to the skinning profession, the first one is that you can create leather from the skin that you require from killing animals and monsters. Once you create leather you can then sell it for gold. The second benefit to skinning is that you are also increasing your EXP and levelling up in the game while you are out hunting animals and creating leather.

Now let’s have an eye on those pesky scraps! Don’t discard those scraps just simply because you think they might not bring in some gold. In fact, on the contrary. For example, just because your getting Knothide leather scraps instead of leather doesn’t mean you can’t make a considerable profit. Find a Leatherworker that has the skill to turn those scraps in full blown Knothide leather pieces. You should also keep your eyes out for those special leather drops, One such valuable leather drop is the clefthoof leather that will gain you a large amount of money.

You need to check the Auction House in order to make WoW Skinning really profitable. To see what is rare there and which is the leather you should target first. This is due to supply and demand at work.

Even though skinning maybe rather time consuming, it will bring in the gold which is your final goal. So before starting out with the skinning profession, learn as much as you can about it and by doing this you will learn the tricks of the trade and how to find those rare leather drops.

World of Warcraft Skinning Profession can bring in the gold if it used properly, so if you are currently trying to choose a profession, why not give this one an attempt and you will soon be earning lots of wow gold and levelling up very fast. Get creative while leveling up or questing.